Elliot Lake fire services need improvements according to study

By Rosalind Russell – The City of Elliot Lake should be making improvements to its fire services according to a study presented to council by a consulting firm this week.

Arthur Booth with ABKM Consulting told council overall the services provided by the fire department are good, but there could be some improvements.

His report included several recommendations such as a review of the fire department’s equipment following the increase in wildfires this year, adding it is important that the department is also trained in dealing with wildfires.

He says the department should deliver a prevention program designed to eliminate fire risks on properties containing seasonal structures with a focus on solutions such as installing sprinkler systems and fire breaks.

Booth adds responding to false fire alarms is expensive and the city should impose a fee if there is a system failure or lack of maintenance.

Council thanked him for the report and will be reviewing the recommendations before making any changes.

Photo: Arthur Booth ABKM Consulting has made several recommendations to the Elliot Lake Fire Department to improve its services and training. Photos by Rosalind Russell

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