Elliot Lake’s vacant council position will be filled by Helen Lefebvre. 

By Rosalind Russell – Elliot Lake council has made the unanimous decision for filling a vacancy on council.

Helen Lefebvre was next in line of the council candidates who ran in the 2022 election and was unanimously selected by council at its March 25th meeting.

Councillor Charlie Flintoff, who originally wanted to open the nominations to the wider community rather than choose from those who ran in the last election, brought forward the motion to select Lefebvre, which was seconded by Councillor Rick Bull.

The next on the list was Bruce Ibbitson, but he had already indicated he did not want to move forward leaving the way open for Lefebvre to fill the vacancy.

Pending certification by the clerk that she is qualified to hold the office, Lefebvre will be sworn in at the April 8th meeting. 

Photo: Elliot Lake council unanimously decided that Helen Lefebvre will fill the vacancy on council at their March 25th meeting. The council were also sporting their favourite hockey jerseys in support of Kraft Hockeyville, which the city won on Saturday. Zoom photo by Rosalind Russell

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