Espanola council clears consent for new housing projects

By Rosalind Russell – Espanola council has supported a motion to transfer 0.08 hectares of land from one property to an abutting property near the south end of Yusko Crescent owned by the same owner. 

Town clerk Joseph Burke says the subject lands are currently zoned Rural and will require a Zoning Bylaw Amendment, at the minimum, to permit multi-residential development to continue in that area. 

He says the developer is proposing to build three five-plexes directly east of the southern endpoint of Yusko Crescent. 

Burke says public consultations will take place as applications are submitted and the potential zoning bylaw amendment is prepared under the Planning Act. 

He adds a second bylaw will be needed to finalize the naming of the remaining portions of Yusko Crescent.

However, Burke says the road work and water and sewer infrastructure for Yusko Crescent have now been finalized and the Town will be officially taking ownership of the roadway.

Photo: Development continues in the south end of Espanola with another developer proposal to build three five-plexes in the Yusko Crescent area. Photo

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