Espanola council gives a go to two separate residential projects; one geared to low income, the second to long-term care

By Rosalind Russell – Espanola Council has given its approval to two separate rezoning bylaws for two different residential projects on the Queensway Avenue.

The town gave the Manitoulin Sudbury District Services Board approval for a 10 unit one-storey apartment building at the corner of Mead Boulevard and the Queensway Avenue, near the ballfields, with the housing geared to income.

With a waiting list of several hundred waiting for housing, especially low income, it is a project that could be completed by the fall of next year.

The second rezoning bylaw amendment clears the way for a three-storey building which will house forty new rooms along with common areas as a retirement home, also on the Queensway Avenue, but closer to the main Highway Six/Centre Street corridor.

Potential residents will be coming from throughout the North Shore corridor and Manitoulin Island.

It is also hoped that this project will be completed within the next year to address the housing shortage in Espanola and area.

Photos: Low-Income rental development will be located on the Queensway Avenue. A senior retirement home is also being built on the Avenue. The senior retirement project location is on the left, and the low-income rental location is on the right. Maps provided by the Town of Espanola.

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