Espanola council passes 2024 municipal budget

By Rosalind Russell – Taxpayers will see an increase in their tax bills now that Espanola council has passed the municipal budget for 2024.

Espanola council approved a budget of just over $8.5 million dollars at the 2024 municipal levy, an increase of just over $500,000 from last year.

That means an increase in taxation of 6.23% with an annual impact of $149 for the average home assessed at $160,000.

Approximately 65% of the increase represents investments in municipal staff to keep pace with inflation and demands on services.

Capital projects include renovations to public works and for fire hall expenditures.

The complete budget overview is available at

PHOTO: Espanola taxpayers will see their first tax increase in over five years, most of that due to keeping pace with inflation and the demand for services. Onscreen photo by Rosalind Russell

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