Espanola Gardeners invite special guest to save money on food

By Grant Lewis – We know many people, if not everyone, are shocked at the price of food today. But……there are alternatives and the price is right! Foraging for edibles in the wild, also known as Horta hunting, has been around for centuries. Of course, the problem is figuring what is edible and what is not. Well the Espanola Gardeners can help you out. Sari Huhtala, from Spanish is an expert and will be sharing her expertise on Monday, June 12th at the Northern Life Church at 7:00 p.m. There are many wild edibles in the forest, around your house and in your garden. She will demonstrate ways to harvest and preserve all this good stuff.

Sari is the publisher and founder of Alive+Fit Magazine. The magazine was 14 years in print and is now digital. She also owns 70 acres of pristine old growth forest on the shores of the North Channel with meandering trails, protected wetlands and spectacular vistas. The Laughing Forest connects one with nature, and is ripe with edible food.

So please join us on the 12th, for a very interesting evening. Everyone welcome and bring a friend.

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