Espanola High School students building a new public health trailer

By Rosalind Russell – Espanola High School students working on designing a new public health trailer are hoping to get some help from the wider community, not only for funds, but also consulting expertise.

This past Friday, Jenn Legrandeur from the Espanola Regional Hospital & Health Centre met with some students to discuss the designs which the students are now proceeding with but are hoping the wider community will help them with financial donations.

And to ensure they are meeting all the legal requirements, they’re hoping a structural engineer and roof truss design consultant will help them out.

If you are able to contribute to this community project in some way please contact Mr. Keresztesi at

Photos: Espanola High School students want to build a public health trailer for local use, but need some expertise and financial help to make the project come to fruition. The preliminary work is underway and the students are moving forward with the final design plans. Photos provided by Espanola High School.

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