Espanola Regional Hospital & Health Centre ask for funding supports for recruitment 

By Rosalind Russell – The Espanola Regional Hospital & Health Centre is asking Espanola council for support in recruiting.  

CEO Jane Battistelli, and Primary Care Manager, Jon Brunetti, met with council Tuesday night to present “the successes and the pressures” on the local health care system. 

They are also looking for a contribution of $30,000, $20,000 more than last year, from the town for physician and clinic recruitment. To that end, the hospital complex has created a position to help strengthen their partnership with Northern Ontario School of Medicine University in hopes of enhancing recruitment and retention of family physicians.  

Officials say the two-year pilot position is where a physician is developing aprogram to help staff deal with complex cases faced in the rural emergency department and acute care setting. 

Council will now review the information submitted by the pair and will decide on support at a later council meeting.  

Photo: The Espanola Regional Hospital & Health Centre is asking for financial support and assistance in physician and clinical recruitment. Council is expected to make a decision soon. Report provided by ERHHC.

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