Federal government suspending advertising on platforms

By Rosalind Russell – The federal government is lashing out at Meta’s refusal to back down from blocking Canadian news from Facebook and Instagram. 

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez says the Canadian government will suspend all advertising on the two social media platforms. 

Meta announced that with the passing of the Liberals Online News Act or Bill C-18, it will block all Canadian news from being viewed by users. 

The bill forces companies like Meta and Google to pay media outlets for content that is shared or otherwise repurposed on the platforms. 

Google said last week it would do the same, but Rodriguez said today he is hopeful a deal can be struck with the tech giant. 

So far, there are no plans to stop advertising with Google. 

The bill will come into force at the end of this year.  

Photo: The federal government and large web providers are in a fight over who delivers the news, how and when. Meta plans to block all media outlets from its site, which includes Facebook. The negotiations continue. Photo – unsplash.com

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