Fire season almost twice as long and more than dangerous

By Rosalind Russell – The smoke from Ontario and Quebec wildfires that has blanketed many parts of the province is not going anywhere soon. 

Senior Climatologist with Environment Canada David Phillips says most often the weather moves from west to east, but a high-pressure area is forcing winds to blow from any direction. 

Phillips says Ontarians should expect more of this over the summer and early autumn.  

He says Environment Canada is calling for a warmer than normal summer with current weather conditions serving as a dress rehearsal for what kind of a summer it’s going to be like. 

Phillips says Canada’s fire season used to be July to August but has now spread to be April to almost October.  

He says the fires have started even earlier this year and they are huge with nature likely the only power that will be able to put them out.

Phillips says it doesn’t matter whether you’re fit or athletic, young or elderly, everybody’s going to be laboring under these kind of conditions.

There are three active fires in the Tote Road area, near Massey, named Sudbury 10, 11, and 14.

None are under control.

Camp owners have been allowed in to close their camps and remove what items they can.

There are four other wildfires burning north of and between Elliot Lake and Sudbury.

Photo: There are seven fires burning to the far north of our area, between Elliot Lake and Sudbury. Three are in the Tote Road area and all are active. Photo – Vista Radio

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