Idling of Domtar mill moving forward

By Rosalind Russell – The last bale of pulp produced at the Domtar Pulp and Paper Mill is to become part of history.

The last bale of pulp was sent down the line earlier this month and it will be preserved for historical sake, either on display in Espanola or offered to the Massey Area Museum.

Unifor representative Larry Logan says the union and the company has also come to terms on the idle agreement for closing the plant facilities ensuring there will be around 14 workers who will be maintained on site to keep the mill ready for startup if it comes out of the idling phase.

He adds job fairs have been held with some success and support services are in place for the workers needing assistance, with severance packages being offered to the members.

Come November 30, operations at the mill will be run with the skeleton crew.

The property is still up for sale by owner, Paper Excellence, but if it fails to sell or comes back in production, he adds the company has agreed to meet with the union once again to discuss layoffs.

Photo: The last bale comes off Line four at the Domtar Pulp and Paper Mill in Espanola. Photo provided

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