Improvements planned for Blind River Arena

By Rosalind Russell – Blind River Town Council will be using funding from reserves to replace a condenser at the Blind River Community Centre Arena.

Director of Facilities and Community Services Karen Bittner asked council for approval to spend $124,000 to order a replacement condenser so it is ready for spring installation to avoid an anticipated price increase in 2024.

She also told council the town has applied for a grant, which would cover up to 33% of the cost and is waiting to hear from the upper level of government.

Bittner also noted the town has just received a $450,000 provincial grant to replace the membrane of the facility, which will eliminate future water issues and extend the life of the building.

Council agreed to have the funds pulled from reserves with the replacement set for early next year.

Photo: Blind River council is anticipating a condenser will need replacing in the Spring, so they have given staff the go-ahead to pull funds from reserves to pay for a unit at 2023 prices. Photo – Town of Blind River

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