LaCloche Seniors Transportation proposal up for discussion

By Rosalind Russell – The four municipal councils that make up the LaCloche Foothills will be reviewing the latest report on a proposal for a medical transportation van for the region and the hiring of an individual to operate the vehicle.

The four communities, Espanola and the townships of Sables-Spanish Rivers, Nairn & Hyman, and Baldwin, want to provide transportation for those who have medical appointments in Sudbury or Espanola.

Espanola town clerk Joe Burke says the initial proposal was made over a year ago and the feasibility studies and surveys are now complete.

He says the cost of a modified medical van to house wheelchairs and/or passengers is $161,000.

The proposal also includes hiring a full-time person for $64,000 per year stressing some of those costs would be subsidized through grants and the gas tax rebate.

Burke adds the shared capital and operating costs are based on population percentage as this was deemed the fairest way of ensuring the service can be provided for all.

He says the vehicle would travel to Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Sciences North at least three times a week with the van being used in Espanola the other two days.

All four councils will review the proposal over the next few weeks with a final decision expected in early November.

Photo: Espanola council is one of four in the LaCloche Foothills area that is reviewing a shared medical van proposal. Espanola Town Clerk Joseph Burke presented the proposal to council earlier this week. All four councils will review the document and a decision is expected by early November. Photo – Zoom by Rosalind Russell

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