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Last week I shared some of my favourite options for natural bug repellent, but let’s face it – when you live in Northern Ontario, bug bites are inevitable! Luckily, I have found a recipe for a natural anti-itch cream that I love. This recipe may have a few ingredients you don’t keep in your pantry – check with our local Health Foods store!


– 2 tbsp baking soda
– 3 tbsp Bentonite clay
– 2.5 tbsp zinc oxide (can substitute with more baking soda if necessary)
– 1 tbsp glycerin
– 1 tbsp Aloe vera gel (can even squeeze it right out of the plant!)
– ½ tsp sea salt
– Enough witch hazel to make a paste (or water if necessary)

Using a wooden spoon, mix dry ingredients in a small bowl. Add the aloe and glycerin and stir to combine. Add enough witch hazel to make a paste. Store in the fridge for 1-2 weeks. Apply generously to your itchy bug bites!

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