Michael Mantha’s Remembrance Day message

Bon Jour, Mino giizhigad, (Meeno Gigii zjeck) Good Morning. 

I’m happy that you are here today on this Day of Remembrance. On this day each year, Canadians gather to show gratitude, respect and honour for the many thousands of men and women who selflessly made terrible sacrifices to protect not only the freedom of Canadians but, in fact, the entire world. The long tradition of gathering to acknowledge, reflect, heal or even mourn stands strong even today.

I’m glad all of you are here because, without your presence, there would be no Day of Remembrance.

It seems that It is almost impossible these days not to get swept up by the busyness of life. It’s like so many things in life in that if we don’t consciously take a moment to step back to appreciate what we have, its importance and value are soon lost in the shuffle of living. Sometimes, we don’t even realize how much we treasure some resource, right, privilege, person or relationship until we lose them. So, we have learned the importance of celebrating and honouring those things or people we hold most dear by making special days to keep us grounded and focused. That’s why we celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Canada Day and Thanksgiving. We need these pauses in our daily routine so that we never allow ourselves to forget or take for granted what or who we love most.

And what about our children? We want to pass on our values and beliefs to our children and youth. The best way to do this is through dialogue and modelling our own values and behaviours. We must ensure they have opportunities to ask questions and participate in what we do.

So, again, I am glad to see you here today. Our presence means that you and I are doing our part to honour, respect and remember those who sacrificed all. Our participation helps keep the memory of those who died or suffered, whether overseas or at home, in our hearts and minds. And just as importantly, it also passes important Canadian values and traditions on to our children and youth.

Forever, let us remember the times of conflict when our nation has prevailed.

Forever, let us remember the times of peace that we have enjoyed.

For all of our sakes, forever, we will remember them.


Michael Mantha, MPP


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