MPP Michael Mantha calls on Ontario government to address worsening healthcare crisis in Northern Ontario

QUEEN’S PARK – Michael Mantha, MPP for Algoma-Manitoulin, released the following statement in light of the news that the Group Health Centre in Sault Ste. Marie will need to cut loose 10,000 patients at the end of May.


“I am extremely troubled to hear that the Group Health Centre has been forced to explore last resort options to cope with the ongoing healthcare crisis in Northern Ontario. This is a worrying development for residents across Algoma who rely on the service for primary care.


For years, everyone from frontline workers to the Auditor General have been ringing alarm bells about the state of Northern healthcare, but the Conservative government has refused to listen. Now, we are seeing the effects of negligence and privatization play out in our communities, and Northerners will be the ones to suffer worse quality of care as a result.


The government of Ontario cannot be on the sidelines any longer. We urgently need significant increases in funding to stabilize primary care across our region and a dedicated Northern Ontario health strategy that acknowledges the reality of providing services in our region.


I will continue fighting to ensure that Algoma-Manitoulin and Northern Ontario are not left behind by this government. Any residents with concerns or questions can always contact my office for assistance at or 1-800-831-1899.”

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