New book focuses on one family’s history in the North Shore

By Rosalind Russell – A woman who is well versed in the history of the Espanola and Massey area has written a book about her family and their experiences living in the local area.

Marcia Goodman who publishes under the name Marcia Goldlist, now resides in Israel.

She says her latest book, The Goodman Family: Pioneers in Northern Ontario: Massey, McKerrow, Espanola, is the story of her father, Marvin B. Goodman, and his father, Chris Goodman, growing up in the North Shore Corridor communities.

She says it starts off with a quick look at her ancestor’s life in Russia, why they left, and their journey to the local area.

She adds the book also takes a look at how lumber, the railroad and the pulp and paper industries affected the area in and around Espanola and Massey and how they helped Northern Ontario grow.

You can check out the book at Before writing about Espanola and Massey, Marcia began by writing in rhyme for family events. She has a series of books on Amazon to help others use poems to express their feelings for (almost) every occasion.

Marcia has also written four books of the Bible in rhyme (Genesis, Exodus, Esther, and Ruth). She also has a series of books to help families celebrate Jewish holidays. All her books are available on Amazon (under the name Marcia Goldlist).

Photo: All her books are available on Amazon (under the name Marcia Goldlist). Marcia Goodman, who writes as Marcia Goldlist photographed with her latest book taken on a family visit to Espanola for her Aunt Gert’s 90th birthday. Photo provided by MG.

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