New dangerous designer drug on the streets

By Rosalind Russell – The Community Drug Strategy and Public Health Sudbury & Districts are warning the public about a new dangerous illegal drug circulating the districts.

The agencies have received confirmation of a new potent substance, flubromazolam, (FLU-bro-mah-zalum), also known as liquid Xanax, circulating in Sudbury and Manitoulin districts.

According to the release, this substance is potent and can result in strong sedation and partial amnesia lasting more than 24 hours.

They warn this could result in making people vulnerable to injury and loss of their personal possessions emphasizing death can occur in large quantities.

Public Health officials say they will continue to monitor the situation and suggest people do not use it alone and to have naloxone available in case of an overdose.

Photo: Naloxone kits are available for free from pharmacies, health providers and health units for anyone who is in need. Photo provided by

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