No fires allowed … period! 

By Rosalind Russell – With the recent rain and the fire hazard rating in some areas now listed as low, you may be asking when you can have a campfire again.  

The short answer is not yet.  

A Restricted Fire Zone was put in place by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for our region on June 1.  

Fire Information Officer Evan Lizotte says while they’re taking things day-by-day, there’s no timeline in place for the restricted fire zone.  

He says with rain comes lightning strikes, which can be buried under the forest floor for up to a week.    

Open air burning, including campfires, is not allowed under the Restricted Fire Zone.  

Photo: No fires are allowed anywhere in our province. The restrictions are due to the high incidents of wildfire. The only option is propane barbecue for those who like to spend time outside. Photo by Rosalind Russell

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