North Shore inaugural Firefighters Competition a success

By Rosalind Russell – It was a full day of gearing down for 18 firefighting teams from across the North at the inaugural North Shore Firefighters Competition.

There were several showdowns with teams engaging in the competition at different levels at the arena in Iron Bridge over the weekend.

The Bunker Gear Showdown, a singles challenge of donning all equipment including breathing apparatus saw winners from Thessalon, Espanola and Blind River.

Organizers say they were impressed with the calibre of training and stamina shown by the contestants handing out plaques and bragging rights to the winning teams.

Espanola came away the Interior Attack Award while Sables-Spanish Rivers won the Most Sportsmanlike Award.

Other winning teams hailed from Blind River, Thessalon, Mississaugi First Nation, and Elliot Lake.

For the complete list of winners and challenges, visit our websites.

Bunker Gear Showdown  

1st Place – Jason from Thessalon FD $300

2nd Place – Lannie from Espanola FD $200

3rd Place – Chris Z from Blind River FD $100

Team Bunker Challenge – Team challenge of donning on (putting on) all bunker gear and breathing apparatus.

– Blind River Fire Departments – Team #2

Hose Relay – Teams were tasked with identifying external targets, recognizing which nozzle setting to use and properly laying hose.

– Thessalon Fire Departments – Team Thessalon Fire

SCBA Obstacle – Teams were tasked with moving through challenging areas that test their ability to stay calm, maneuver through tight and uncomfortable positions as a team.

– Mississaugi First Nations Fire Departments – Team MFN #1

Interior Attack – Teams had to navigate through obstacles that firefighters may come across when entering a building. (i.e. drywall breach, open floorboards, window bailout)

– Espanola Fire Departments – Team Hot Spot Hitters

Search & Rescue – Teams had to enter a mock apartment and conduct a rescue of two victims. Teamwork, patient care, and safety are top priority.

– Elliot Lake Fire Departments – Team Overhaulin’

Most Sportsmanlike – This Team may not have been the fastest or highest scoring team, but their dedication, teamwork & positivity shone through.

– Sabo, Spanish Rivers Fire Departments – Team SSRFD Team #2

Best Overall – This Team had the highest most consistent scores throughout the entire day including all challenges.

– Blind River Fire Departments – BRFD Team #3

Photos: Plenty of action was the focus of the North Shore Firefighters Competition. This was the first time for the event, which was a success with 18 teams taking part across the North East. Photos provided and used by with permission by Shannon Denault and NSFC organization.

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