Personal support worker funding 

By Rosalind Russell – More than one-hundred-million dollars of provincial funding is set to train more than thirty-two-thousand new personal support workers over the next three years.  

That from provincial officials, who say ninety-four-point-five million will go towards a program which supports clinical placements for nursing and P-S-W students while around eleven million will go towards a program that trains P-S-Ws on-site at local long term care homes.  

Long Term Care Minister Stan Cho says it’s the latest bit of funding to help train and retain those workers, such as incentives to stay in the field.  

 Cho adds other measures include three-hundred-million dollars for a program that helps P-S-Ws move into nursing.  

Photo: Major funding is going towards training Personal Support Workers, PSWs as they are commonly called. The funding will also support PSWs who want to continue on into nursing. Photo –

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