Pride sidewalk vandalized in Espanola grocery store 

By Rosalind Russell – The owner of a grocery store in Espanola is none too pleased with vandalism that has occurred where their painted Pride Sidewalk was defaced. 

Tanner LaFreniere, the owner of Tanner’s Your Independent Grocers, says unfortunately someone had spray painted some hateful graffiti over the sidewalk, so they had their contractor temporarily paint over it until it can be re-painted.  

He says they will most assuredly have the Pride cross walk return as soon as possible and the damage is very disappointing. 

Police are continuing their investigation into the vandalism and anyone with any information is asked to call Manitoulin OPP or Crime Stoppers.  

Photo: The Pride Crosswalk at Tanner’s YIG was defaced with foul painted pornographic images and slurs, so it had to be painted over. However, Tanner LaFraniere, the owner of the store, says it will be reinstalled soon. Photo by Rosalind Russell

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