Rainbow Schools Invest in Our Planet and honour Shkagamikwe on Earth Day

April 22, 2023 is Earth Day, an opportune time for staff and students in Rainbow Schools to show they care by investing in our planet, this year’s theme.

Earth Day is an annual celebration that honours the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness for the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for future generations.

From an Indigenous perspective, we can invest in our planet Shkagamikwe by taking the time to acknowledge the life-giving qualities of the earth, and spending our personal time connecting with land, water and nature.  

“In Rainbow Schools, we encourage eco-friendly practices and sustainable solutions at school, at home and in the community,” says Director of Education Bruce Bourget. “On Earth Day, let us all reflect on our personal and collective actions and their profound impact on the environment. Let us recommit to adopting behaviours that protect and preserve our planet.”

Throughout Earth Day, students will be immersed in all things green. 

From Indigenous videos to nature walks to eco-friendly art, students will have many opportunities to gather their thoughts and share their perspectives. Classes may also research Indigenous Creation Stories and explore various ways Indigenous people honour Shkagamikwe.

Educators can ask questions to encourage dialogue, including:  What can you do in your daily living to keep our planet around for centuries? How big is your Ecological Footprint?
What will be the negative consequences when our Earth heats up 1.5 degrees Celsius?
How are countries around the equator affected differently by climate change than Canada?

Other ways to invest in our planet for Earth Day include riding a bike to school, learning without lights, reusing or upcycling clothing, identifying species in nature, performing community clean-ups, planting an indoor garden and watching the movie “The Lorax”.

The Board’s Environmental Committee issues monthly challenges throughout the year.

What will next month’s challenge be?

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