Sables-Spanish Rivers Township supports regional medical van

By Rosalind Russel l- Sables-Spanish Rivers Township council has approved the purchase of a regional medical van as a partner within the LaCloche Mayors and Reeves Association.

Espanola Town Clerk Joseph Burke and Mayor Doug Gervais met with council on Wednesday evening to highlight the purchase of a regional medical van to provide transportation for seniors and special needs without transportation to be able to get to medical appointments.

Council supported the initiative and will have to pay a share based on population for the project

Burke says the final considerations for approval will take place next week at Baldwin, Nairn & Hyman, and Espanola’s respective council meetings.

He says pending all approvals next week, the vehicle will be ordered with hope of launching the service in June 2024.

Burke adds a formal announcement regarding the provincial and federal funding in support of the project will be forthcoming as the municipalities get closer to the official launch. 

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