Small home building code being looked at by Blind River council 

Photo: Tiny homes can be viable living quarters that provide plenty of comfort without the larger size. Photo – unsplash.

By Rosalind Russell – Blind River council will be looking at their bylaw as to the size of homes that can be built in town. 

Councillor Dan Middaugh says more information is needed on where in the community smaller homes can be built to meet the demands of people wanting to downsize where they live, but still live in town. 

Blind River CAO-Clerk Katie Scott told council there are people asking how small a serviced house they can build with the local code allowing for around 800 square feet. 

She says local seniors, 50 and over, have expressed an interest in a smaller home, that they can maintain physically and financially. 

She adds those seniors are not ready to move into an apartment or require assisted living. 

It was noted that the Ontario building code allows for year-round homes with a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a sleeping area of 188 square feet to be built, but that size is not currently allowed in Blind River. 

Council has asked staff to look further into the matter and report back to them soon.  

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