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Photo & Article By Grant Lewis – With over 240 kilometers of trails to groom this year, there are indeed 6 keen and dedicated trail groomers anxious to “start their engines!” Unfortunately there is someone not quite cooperating at the moment….yes Mother Nature. The 240 kilometers of local trails are all part of the Sudbury Trail Plan. The S.T.P. comprises of ten clubs in the area and coordinates most of the activities of those clubs. A run, let’s say from Espanola to Massey and back can take up to 14 hours to properly and safely groom. And it can’t be done during the day usually. Makes for very late nights!!! 

The volunteers of the Espanola Club start preparing the trails in early fall: trails are brushed, trees and dangerous limbs are removed, signage is posted, bridges are repaired and new ones built, culverts where necessary are constructed…..the list goes on …and on…and on.

Maintenance of the club’s equipment is all done by volunteers too. 

The Espanola Lions club was pleased to provide funds ($4,200) to buy a hut. This  hut will be placed at the Nairn Espanola connection.  It will be equipped with a wood stove, cut wood and benches to warm up after hours on the trails. If you have snowmachined, you know how important a warming shed can be.

On hand to receive the cheque are members of the executive who strongly urge all riders to remain on the marked trails especially when on private property. 

Come on Mother Nature! Happy sledding! 

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