Vista Radio: Navigating The Online News Act

By Rosalind Russell – As some may be aware, the way Canadians have access to their news from local websites may be changing.

This would affect Vista Radio owned radio stations and websites including 99.3 FM – CJJM Espanola and sites.

Meta (the owner of Facebook and Instagram) and Google have indicated they will suspend access to Canadian news sites in response to the federal government’s Bill C-18, also known as the Online News Act. They have done so.

Vista Radio has always been a company that actively uses social media to provide community information, events, weather, and important local news through our channels. 

The company is hopeful a solution will be negotiated between the government, Google and Meta, and this disruption will be short-lived.

However, they want audiences to know Vista Radio’s commitment to providing credible and relevant local news is not wavering. They know many rely on them to stay current with issues in the community, as well as provincially and nationally. That will not change.

Just like they did during the COVID-19 pandemic, they will continue to innovate and create new ways that our audience can easily and quickly access local information.

To ensure a constant connection to your local news, and valuable information and content, navigate to your local Vista Radio community website on all your devices – you can find them at

The full list is available at  and bookmark the site so you have quick and easy access.

Everyone at Vista Radio appreciates your continued support and please know our local stations and websites will continue to be the “go-to” for news about your community and communities across your province.

More News to come!

Photo: Vista logo

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