What’s 100 years old and comes back every year!

By Grant Lewis – Flu? New virus? Same old virus? I could go on and on….the answer is…drum roll please…THE MASSEY FAIR!

Thousands of North Shore residents look forward to the Massey Fair, held regularly at the end of summer. This year’s dates are August 25th to August 27th.  

At a recent meeting of the Espanola Lions, a motion was passed to donate $2,500 to the Agricultural Society, specifically for kids’ events.  Plans are in the works for ZUCCHINI MANIA. Prizes will be awarded for the best dressed Zucchini, the biggest Zucchini, and others. How about GROW A CHICK? Those who wish to enter will be given a one day old chick within the next few days, and awards will be presented for Best Chick after three months. Of course, the kids will have to relate exactly how they took care of their chick during that time. There will be a Legoland for kids and parents…after all aren’t we all kids at heart! Different age groups will compete in the Sunflower contest.  The judges will be looking for the largest bloom and the tallest flower. Ever wondered what happens when you bury cotton underwear in your garden. Well, some kids are about to find out.  I think I’ll leave that one alone!!!


Lion member Grant Lewis is seen here presenting a cheque to Diane Emily, co-ordination for the fair, for $2,500.  ENJOY THE FAIR EVERYBODY. 


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