“Turkey Hotline. Can I Help You?”

For 30 years America’s Butterball Turkey Talk-Line has been answering desperate pleas from thousands of not-so-good cooks about preparing and cooking North America’s favourite holiday bird. Many of these questions to the Butterball call centre are characterized as “bewildering.” I’ve … Continue reading

Toffee Butter Icebox Cookies

Recipe With just six ingredients, these cookies are easy to make, and convenient to have on hand for when company arrives this holiday season (or any time of the year). Keep the cookie logs in the fridge and you can … Continue reading

Michael Mantha’s News from the Park for 181214

I know I’m not alone in saying how happy I am that the Holiday Season is upon us. Mind you, with all of the events, activities and Christmas parades which I love to attend each year, I feel extremely fortunate … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – The best parts of Christmas haven’t changed much at all

On Remembrance Day when we pay special attention to our veterans you may hear the phrase, “every day should be Remembrance Day” and there is a lot of truth behind that sentiment.  That’s because of the struggles many veterans face … Continue reading

Whatever Happened To “Trouble?”

Before her death a decade ago, New York Hotelier Leona Helmsley was the most hated woman in America. Ruthless and conniving with business associates, tax fraud put the millionairess in jail while slapping and insulting employees put her in the … Continue reading

Michael Mantha’s News from the Park 181207

Frequent readers of this column well know how much I value holding regular constituency clinics in communities across the riding. Having the opportunity to talk face-to-face with individuals to listen to their concerns is one of the most effective ways … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Linguistic diversity is strength not an expense line in a budget

This week parliament rose in recognition of the last surviving Mohawk code-talker whose unique language skills helped the allies win World War II.  As the entire chamber celebrated this individual’s remarkable accomplishment, I was struck how our linguistic diversity can … Continue reading

A message from/sentiments de député MPP Michael Mantha

Dear Friends, Today is a hopeful day for Franco-Ontarians. Over the years, we have demonstrated that we are a strong and united community that cannot be walked over. Though this is true, we must continue to stand up and reaffirm … Continue reading

Julia’s Cheese and Olive Crescent Roll Squares

Recipe These are great little appetizers that are easy to put together and very tasty. Can also be served or topped with salsa and sour cream. Julia’s Cheese and Olive Crescent Roll Squares • 1 (8 ounce) package Pillsbury refrigerated … Continue reading

How To Tell If Your Minister Is Also An Atheist

Toronto minister Reverend Gretta Vosper is a brave woman. Defiantly, every Sunday morning she stands before the congregation of her West Hill United Church as both a professed atheist and an ordained minister. To me an atheist minister sounds a … Continue reading