MPP Michael Mantha’s News from the Park 190607

  In contemplating the end of this spring session, it occurs to me that today marks one year since our last provincial election and the Legislature recesses for the summer; assuming Doug Ford doesn’t repeat his sudden call for MPPs … Continue reading

Hot Spinach Dip

Recipe This cheesy version of spinach dip is a favourite. It takes just minutes to put together and will be the first thing eaten at your next gathering. The most important part of making this recipe is to be sure … Continue reading

At The Roundabout, Does The Bar Stool Yield To The La-Z-Boy?

Thanks to Uber, Lift share and driverless vehicles, man’s love affair with his car is coming to a close. However, like everything else he touches, man is determined to end this relationship with a bang… and a crash and probably … Continue reading

Michael Mantha’s News from the Park 190531

A short while ago my office team was telling me about some improvements to a computer program we use to manage the huge volume of case work that comes through our office. The improvements were predominantly geared to efficiency, streamlining … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Will free TV be the next to go?

Changes to how Canadians receive over the air television may be in the cards just a few short years after the switch to digital signals were ushered in. Currently, a large chunk of rural and northern Canada access free TV … Continue reading

Once In A While The Wild Things Win

So I’m flipping around channels on my TV in Las Palmas, Spain last month trying to find news in English and no less than six networks were broadcasting bull fighting. It was Sunday of course, that special day of the … Continue reading

Banana Bread Brownies

Recipe This is another way to use up those ripe bananas that have been sitting on your counter, or in my case, frozen in my freezer. The sweet taste of banana bread topped with a brown butter frosting. They also … Continue reading

Michael Mantha’s News from the Park 190524

Northerners tend to be very fond of the early days of spring. You know, the days just before the leaves come out. I say this because Northerners also know what comes along immediately after the opening of the leaves – … Continue reading

MPP Michael Mantha media statement: National Accessibility Awareness Week: May 31st – June 6th, 2019

May 22, 2019 Queen’s Park – Canadians don’t readily affix the title of Hero to our citizens as some societies do. Instead, as is our nature, we reserve such unofficial but meaningful honors for those who truly deserve such recognition. … Continue reading

In Others’ Words – The Cat

Dog to horse, bat to rat, no pets are more quotable than the cat. For a pet that does not speak or bark, the body of written work attributed to the domesticated cat is ponderous. Everybody, it seems, has an … Continue reading