A Message from Mother May I

To our valued readers, in regard to the Butter Tart Pan Square recipe that appeared in the Around & About paper this week (March 31, 2020); I wish I could say it was an April Fool’s joke. It was brought to our attention, that the 3 tbsp of baking powder is an error, and I apologize to anyone who has tried the recipe and has ended up with a mess in their oven. It was a recipe submitted to me by a trusted source (and printed in an old community cookbook) and unfortunately, I hadn’t tried it myself. I did, however, make it this morning for my own peace of mind, and now have to clean my oven! My guess is it should have read 1 tbsp of baking powder, and I have heard from other readers that decreasing the amount has worked for them. I will have to experiment with the recipe. My sincere apologies to everyone.

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