Acute and Reactivation Care Centre Opens at Health Sciences North

By Rosalind Russell – The opening of the 52-bed Acute and Reactivation Care Centre at Health Sciences North in Sudbury is good news for older patients including seniors from throughout the Manitoulin, Algoma, and Manitoulin districts.

Medical Director specializing in geriatrics, Dr. Jo-Anne Clarke, says the goal of the centre is to reverse or stabilize a decline in health status, and help older patients regain their independence.

She says it has been designed so that older adults get the right care in the right place with a clinical team that has expertise in how to best treat their health needs.

Dr. Clarke says the number of older adults living with frailty in the Northeast is expected to increase by 35% by 2030, and by another 20% between 2030 and 2038, so there is an urgent need to enhance care for this population.

Ontario’s Minister of Health and Deputy Premier, Sylvia Jones, also attended the event to announce a one-time capital planning grant of $5 million to support patient care for the next 30 years and an additional $1.1 million in funding for pediatric care for Health Sciences North.

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