And the winner is……


By Grant Lewis – Everyone is smiling …..but especially the lucky lady two in from the left. Mary Lou Hussak was our grand prize winner in round#2 of the Espanola  Lions Catch the Ace draw held on VALENTINE’S DAY! Mary Lou has thirty thousand and two hundred reasons to be happy. She grew up in Espanola and attended Sacred Heart School and Espanola High, but moved to Sudbury and is presently on the Executive of the United Way and manages Northeastern Ontario including her home town. And she is on the move again, moving to Perth where 5 pristine acres await her. Her plans are a new build but with farm house charm including wrap around porches, chickens and Guinea fowl! Why Guinea Fowl? They are the best controllers and eliminators of ticks on the planet! 

Many of you will remember Florence Boucher…..well that is her mother….Florence’s Fabrics! We wish her well and by the way, stay tuned for an exciting United Way Program initiative coming to Espanola in the Fall.

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