CSC Nouvelon students celebrate Franco-Ontarian Day for the first time in their new school

On Monday, September 25, students and staff from various CSC Nouvelon schools in the North Shore area took great pride in displaying green and white clothing and celebrating their Franco-Ontarian identity and their belonging to the Francophonie in Ontario. Kindergarten to grade 8 students at École catholique Georges Vanier (Elliot Lake), École Sainte-Anne (Spanish), École Saint-Joseph (Blind River), École La Renaissance (Espanola) and École secondaire catholique Jeunesse-Nord (Blind River) celebrate the provincial Franco-Ontarian Day along with staff and parents in their school. They will take part in a multitude of dynamic activities in their schools and communities planned to honour the strength of their francophone community. Students had the opportunity to take part in a flag-raising ceremony and sing the song “Notre Place.”  Also as part of Franco-Ontarian Day, students students had the chance to display with pride green and white clothing in their classroom while taking part in stimulating activities highlighting Franco-Ontarian culture. Some schools took their celebration outdoors and took part in an animated walk. Grade 9 to 12 students from École secondaire catholique La Renaissance (Espanola) travelled to ÉSC Jeunesse-Nord (Blind River) to celebrate Franco-Ontarian Day. Both group of students took part in a flag-raising ceremony, a scavenger hunt and were be offered a barbecue lunch. Musical entertainment was provided by ÉSC Jeunesse-Nord students and Mr. Rodney Meilleur, cultural activities lead at the CSC Nouvelon.


The provincial Franco-Ontarian day, celebrated officially since 2010, will take place on September 25. The date marks the anniversary of the Franco-Ontarian flag, which was flown for the first time in Sudbury in 1975. CSC Nouvelon school students and staff take great pride in celebrating the flag’s 46th anniversary. The day of activities, while recognizing our Francophone and Catholic heritage, also promotes the excellence and dedication of our students and staff as they seek to widen their Francophone space and live their own culture to the full in the province of Ontario.


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