Espanola couple wins big

By Rosalind Russell – Health Sciences North latest 50/50 draw winner hails from Espanola.

Richard and Maryann Gauthier of Espanola won $793,862 in the March draw.

Richard thought it was an April Fool’s joke at first adding he had a heart attack 11 years ago and spent nine days in the hospital receiving care adding he was still here to win the 50/50 because of that care.

The two plan to spend their winnings on a new vehicle and a new garage to house it inside.

HSN spokesperson Anthony Keating says the money raised so far from the draws is going towards renovations to the radiation treatment bunker at the Shirley and Jim Fielding Cancer Centre to enhance radiation for cancer patients across the North. 

Photo: Richard and Maryann Gauthier of Espanola were the big winners in Health Sciences North March 50/50 draw. A new vehicle and a new garage are in their plans for the winnings. Photo provided by HSN.

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