Espanola Gardeners presentation

By Grant Lewies –

Just over 25 members and friends of the Espanola Gardeners were treated to fine dining but on a slightly different scale. Instead of steak, lobster etc. we munched on mallow, plantain, sorel, yarrow, clover and various other edible leaves.  Sari Huhtala is passionate about healthy plant based foods and we were delighted to have Sari as our presenter on June 12th.  The audience was amazed at the possibilities of eating healthy without continuous trips to the grocery store. On top of this, are the healing powers of plants we think of as weeds and refuse.  


Sari is the founder and writer of Live+Fit magazine which promotes a type of healthy eating which has existed  for hundreds of years…and literally a way of eating which is available  around us in our gardens and in our woodlands and forests. Her on line magazine is full of meals, drinks, desserts, all based on plants.  What you see on the table in the photo were just the hoers d’oeuvres!!!


Sari owns 70 acres on the North Shore in Spanish called the Laughing Forest. Meandering paths, healing circles and awesome scenery plus much more makes a visit so worthwhile.  


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