Increase in drug poisonings in the Public Health Sudbury coverage area

The Community Drug Strategies and Public Health Sudbury & Districts have received reports of an increase in the number of drug poisonings, overdose, and unexpected reactions from the use of substances in their coverage area including the North Shore Corridor and Manitoulin Island.

According to the release, while they cannot confirm what is causing the overdoses, the situation serves as an important reminder that street drugs may be cut or mixed with adverse substances. Frontline workers warn that more toxic substances may be circulating locally.

An overdose occurs when a person uses a substance, and their body is unable to handle the effects, and can lead to seizures and/or death.

It is recommended that the public pick-up free naloxone kits at local pharmacies in case they encounter someone overdosing.

Photo: More dangerous opioids are on the streets in Sudbury and surrounding area according to the local health unit and its partners. People are asked to have a naloxone kit readily available to help in the case of an overdose. They are available through the agency or local pharmacies. Photo supplied

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