It is not the shortest day of the year, it is the longest dark

By Rosalind Russell – Today, December 21, 2023, is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere  

It is the day with the shortest daylight hours and the longest night of the year .

It is impossible to be the shortest day of the year because the day is still 24 hours long. 

The winter solstice marks the beginning of astronomical winter in the Northern Hemisphere and has been celebrated by various cultures around the world for thousands of years. 

In modern times, people around the world celebrate the winter solstice in different ways. 

Some people light candles or bonfires to symbolize the return of the sun, while others gather with friends and family to share a meal or exchange gifts. 

Photo: The rising sun … shortest daylight hours today with the arrival of the winter solstice. VISTA Radio

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