It’s Police Week – take in the Sudbury museum

By Rosalind Russell – It is Police Week and for anyone interested in the local Northern history of the police, the Sudbury Region Police Museum has re-opened its doors in time to celebrate the occasion.

The museum originally opened in 2002 spearheaded by Retired Staff Inspector Robert Cowley and Retired Superintendent Emile Lavigne and now has moved to its new location at 128 Larch Street in Sudbury.

Using artifacts, photographs and documents, the museum displays the origins, growth and development of the Greater Sudbury Police Service and local law enforcement.

Within the museum, there are various displays that include the history of forensics, communications, transportation, firearms and equipment, body armour and the evolution of the police uniform.

Visit Greater Sudbury Police Service | Greater Sudbury ON | Facebook.

Photos: The Sudbury Region Police Museum is well worth a gander with a focus on policing in the Sudbury region. Photos provided by  the Greater Sudbury Police Service.

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