Kenjgewin Teg introduces a new program for skill development 

By Rosalind Russell – Kenjgewin Teg is launching a new program, (Enaadmaagemgad Enizha’yaayin) Helping You on Your Pathway, a unique, new, and free three-week program specifically designed to empower and equip students aged 18 years and older. 

Director of Health and Wellness Whitney McGraw says the program is based on the traditional teachings of the medicine wheel, serving as a comprehensive guide for holistic development.  

She adds through the program, participants will immerse themselves in traditional teachings, gaining insight and knowledge from Elders and Traditional Knowledge holders.  

McGraw says the students will participate in workshops tailored to enhance practical skills, including resume building, professional communication techniques and more.  

The program runs August 14th to 31st.

To register or for more information, contact Health and Wellness Academic Coach Kayla Kay at

Photo: Kenjgewin Teg is offering a free program centered around the Medicine Wheel. Photo provided by Kenjgewin Teg.

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