Feds reject request for grant funding for arts and culture building 

By Rosalind Russell – Elliot Lake council members were disappointed to learn a grant application for a new arts and culture building has been rejected by the federal government. 

The City of Elliot Lake had applied for $14.5-million dollars to go towards the proposed $27.5 million dollar project, but Infrastructure Canada rejected the request, according to a report presented by acting director of public works, Bill Goulding. 

He says the feds stated the project was not selected for funding for several reasons including the lack of construction documents for consideration.  

He says the cost of design work was not approved by council until January with the application due by February 28th, adding the consultant had delivered what they could in design planning with the short deadline. 

Council will now have to decide whether to go ahead with construction plans in the hopes another round of grant funding will be offered by the government.  

They are also considering partnering with local groups to fundraise towards the centre.  

He points out construction documents, which provide more details, are more costly and take more time to prepare and were not completed in time for the deadline, adding the program also had more requests than available funds. 

Photo: Elliot Lake has been turned down for funding for a new arts and culture building because construction designs were not included in the grant application. Photo provided by City of Elliot Lake.

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