Local Hippie’s weekly tip – This week’s tip is for your plants!

Welcome to Local Hippie’s weekly tip for living a greener life! Each week we will provide you with a quick tip to help you reduce your carbon footprint and change the world.

This week’s tip is for your plants! It’s instructions for banana peel tea. Sound disgusting? Not for your vegetation!

Similar to humans, plants can greatly benefit from the potassium that bananas have to offer. Potassium helps with your plants’ overall strength – generating stronger stems and healthy root development.

In addition to potassium, banana peels contain phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium – all minerals that make your garden happy!

Instructions For Banana Peel Tea:

  • Grab a large jar or container, fill it 3/4 full of water, and place it in your fridge.
  • Anytime you eat a banana, put the peel in the container.
  • Keep up this process until the container is full (or after about 10 days).
  • Strain the liquid into a new container and put your banana peels into your compost bin.
  • You know have a concentrated form of all-natural fertilizer! Dilute it by adding 1 cup of tea to 1 gallon of water and apply it to the base of your garden plants.
  • Watch them thrive!

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Have a happy hippie week!

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