New pumper/tanker fire truck approved for Espanola Fire Department

By Rosalind Russell – Espanola Council has given its approval to purchase a new pumper/tanker fire truck for the Espanola Fire Department.

Espanola Fire Chief Mike Pichor says the one they have now is over 30 years old and with new emission specifications coming into play by 2027, if the new truck is ordered now, they will meet the new requirements.

He pointed out that although the present truck is still in use, modifying it to meet those future specifications would be cost-prohibitive estimated at over $100,000.

With the new truck being approved, the order will be put in to build it with a completion date of 2025-2026 with the estimated half-a-million-dollar costs being covered by reserves.

Photo: Mike Pichor, Fire Chief for Espanola Firefighters, says there is an opportunity to buy a new pumper truck in the hopes of having it delivered by 2025 at the earliest. Supply chain issues and inflation have caused a lot of problems for other departments, so Pichor asked the council last night to consider the purchase. The council gave the go-ahead, and the new truck will now be ordered. Photo by Rosalind Russell

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