Popular Espanola business closing its doors

By Rosalind Russell – A popular Espanola business is closing its doors by the end of next month.

A Little Bit of Everything owner Betty Ann Lefebvre says she has decided to close her business in Espanola because the building is up for sale and she has no idea if the new owners would sign a lease with her.

She has also had delays in receiving insurance funds after a truck caused major damage to her frontage and the Domtar pulp and paper mill idling down raises concerns about sustaining the business.

She adds she is still willing to relocate to another location in Espanola, but rental fees are too high for the space she requires, even higher than Greater Sudbury.

She says if she is unable to find another location, the business will shut down by November 30th.

Lefebvre adds one person will lose their job, but her manager will continue working at another store in Kagawong on Manitoulin Island.

Photo: An Espanola business is closing its doors if it cannot find a reasonably priced oither location in town. A Little Bit of Everything owner says she is closing due to a delay in insurance payments following major damage to her store, the fact that the property is for sale and rents are just too high in town. Photo by Rosalind Russell

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