Providence Bay hosting fireworks

By Rosalind Russell – There will be no fireworks this Canada Day weekend in any municipality across the North Shore corridor, but there is one municipality on Manitoulin Island that will host a colourful display. 

The Municipality of Central Manitoulin has been provided an exemption to host fireworks this year at Providence Bay since they will be released from a barge and will be over open water.

Since fireworks fall under federal legislation, the ban on open fires in Ontario does not necessarily cover the use of fireworks.  

It is the Explosives Regulatory Division of Natural Resources Canada, that tests fireworks and approves those that are safe, which provided the exemption to Central Manitoulin.

The only days Canadians are usually allowed fireworks are Victoria Day and Canada Day, but these are unusual circumstances this year under the open fire ban.

Photo: Only Providence Bay will be having fireworks this year since the fireworks will be released from a barge over open water. Photo –

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