The Remnant Call

Pastor Andre & Becky

A presentation without a demonstration is only a conversation says Senior Pastor Andre Levesque.
Andre and his wife Becky live in Massey. Andre has two adult children who have blessed them with five beautiful grandchildren.
The couple have pastored four churches over the past twenty-eight years. Their focus and passion is teaching the good news of the Gospel. Jesus loves you.
Andre has a desire to help others understand what he has learned…the goodness, grace and mercy of God and the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. This discovery prompted him to pursue ordination into the ministry and his mission in life is to “always leave people better off than when he found them.”
Becky enjoys supporting her husband in his ministry endeavours. She also leads a women’s ministry, Women at the Well. This is based on the Biblical account of the Samaritan woman who met her Messiah (Jesus) at Jacob’s well.
Although Andre’s career began in law enforcement, then owner/operator of a printing company, it concluded as a worldwide consultant for a lubrication company. This corporate travel afforded him the opportunity to take the Evangelistic Gospel message with him to many countries. These included Canada, USA, Middle East, Central and South America, Mexico and Cuba.
Andre’s testimony is built around an incident which occurred when he was a young police officer. A drug investigation resulted in his assailants threatening to shoot him and he was held at gun point. Obviously this story had a happy ending as Andre lives to tell others, “My God is a good God and I love to tell of His saving grace and demonstrate His healing power.”

The Remnant Call Church is temporarily holding its Sunday services at the Elk’s Hall in Espanola at 10:30 am.
All are welcome!


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