Trailer bylaw proposal leads to public consultation process

By Rosalind Russell – It was an intense discussion for members of Sables-Spanish Rivers Township about a proposed Trailer Licencing Bylaw and related Zoning Bylaw Amendment Wednesday evening.

Although it was a council meeting, several members of the audience shouted out their displeasure at about a lack of public consultation and the heft proposed licence fees.

The township had hosted a public session in July of last year, but none since then.

Some members of council also feel the fees are too high, especially for residents who are already paying municipal taxes.

The document proposes a $500 licence fee submitted annually before April 1, and $700 after that date.

In the end, council gave both documents first and second reading, but agreed to allow input from the public over the next two weeks so their concerns can be addressed.

Copies of the proposed bylaw are available electronically, on the township website or can be picked up at the township office.

The discussion on the proposed trailer licencing bylaw is available at: – discussion begins at 29:25 minutes 

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