Help to reduce time officers spend searching for footage

and join us in creating a safer community!

(ESPANOLA, ON) – The Manitoulin Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has implemented the CAMSafe program. CAMSafe is a program aimed at creating a database of residential and commercial security cameras within a community that may act as a resource for police when investigating offences/crime.

When a police officer uses the CAMSafe database they will see a map of the local area. Officers can click on registered addresses to view further details, such as property owner contact information. Officers cannot access your security cameras or cloud-based accounts. If police would like to examine camera footage, they can make a request to the property owner using contact information from the database.

Interested community members are only required to provide basic contact information and camera location, but can include more details if desired, such as direction the camera faces, footage retention details or screenshots of the camera view. Registrants can only view their own information and can delete their account or change their information at any time.

To learn more about the CAMSafe program and to register security cameras please visit

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