Elliot Lake EDO advocates for new economic development plan 

By Rosalind Russell – Elliot Lake’s Economic Development Officer, Steve Antunes, says he is working on a new economic development plan that will bring in new technologies, create new partnerships and advocate for promotion and tourism of the city.  

Antunes started in the department in 2021 with a plan that had been put in place back in 2012.  

He says it is time to update that plan and that includes developing city-owned land sales for residential and commercial use, working with local businesses,  the establishment of trail systems, sports, recreation activities and much more. 

He says with the city’s population also growing, 10.2 per cent from 2016, there will also be a focus on housing and residential development.  

Antunes pointed out they are also working with the newly created Chamber of Commerce and will assist the business group when required. 

For more information on the plan, contact the department at its email EDO@elliotlake.com

Photo: Elliot Lake will be updating its economic development plan. Public input is more than welcome. Photo supplied

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