Community Drug Strategy raises alarm 

By Rosalind Russell – The Community Drug Strategy is raising the alarm on rising overdoses.

As previously reported, the Community Drug Strategy released a Drug Alert on February 15th, a Practice Advisory Alert on February 21rd, and a Drug Warning on March 29th, related to the toxic substances circulating in the Sudbury and Manitoulin districts. 

Co-chair Sherry Price says they continue to receive ongoing reports from frontline workers regarding unexpected reactions from the use of toxic substances, such as increased and prolonged sedation as well as the development of abscesses or wounds in areas other than injection sites. 

She adds their ongoing campaign includes talking to community workers and others who are on the frontlines, as well as family and friends of affected individuals. Co-chair Dan Despatie says the ongoing situation serves as an important reminder to the wider community that street drugs, may be cut or mixed with substances such as fentanyl, or carfentanil that may result in unexpected reactions in addition to drug poisonings and overdose. 

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