Donation gives nurses in Espanola a timely boost

By Rosalind Russel – To celebrate National Nursing week, the RBC Foundation is donating $10,000 for frontline healthcare workers at the Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Center.

Anna Love, the Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Clinical Services at the hospital says the donation will be used specifically for Indigenous cultural awareness training, workshops, guest speakers and collaborations with Indigenous partners.

She adds they will develop and implement an educational program to strengthen and renew the staff’s understanding of equitable, inclusive, and culturally sensitive care.

Held in honour of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale, National Nursing Week, which is from May 8th to 14th, is designed to increase the awareness of the many contributions nursing makes to the wellbeing of Canadians. 

The show of support comes at a critical time. Recent Statistics Canada data shows Canadian frontline healthcare workers are feeling strained and overloaded. 

 In July, Statistics Canada reported 23,620 vacant nursing positions in the first quarter of 2022 (up 219% from 2019), and an all-time high of 136,800 job vacancies within the health sector throughout the first quarter of 2022. Recent data released by Mental Health Research Canada also shows that healthcare workers, and nurses, were profoundly impacted by the pandemic. 

PHOTO: Some of the nursing staff at Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Center, Caitlin Bouwmeester RN – Matt Laurenti RN – Jessica Brandow RN, enjoy a light moment in their day with their training friend. Photo provided by Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Center. 

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